The 500 LED Superbright Flashlight Every Man Should Have in His Tool Shed


A 500 LED Superbright Man Flashlight was created to provide a lot of light when you need it most. It is huge. It requires that it be carried in two arms and with both hands. Not a practical belt accessory. The promotion shows a comparison between the Superbright Man Flashlight and two Maglites. The results are impressive, but they may not be entirely what you see.


The Superbright Man Flashlight Construction

The lens is constructed using 500 22.000 mcd LED lights. The electronics are insane, and per the builder’s website very labor intensive. It is more akin to bomb building. Parts cost roughly $100. The Interface is also insane. It reminded me of something off of an old Star Trek show. What it shows is a variety of ways to control the light stream. Unlike a traditional flashlight, you have choices about how much of the lens is used. The more LED lights that you light up, the faster the drain on the battery.


The Test Results

One of the first things that I notice during the field test is that the light works really well within about 20 feet of the person who is holding it. It does an okay job of lighting up sections of the testing ground farther out than 20 feet, but the light begins to diffuse quickly and the bright detail is lost when it is operated in the open.

When he moves under the bridge, you begin to see more detail, and that is because the light from the LED lens is bounced back. In the open field along the sidewalk, the flashlight does not show the details that you would expect. The beam of light is wider, and the further it travels the less dense the beam becomes.

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