If you’ve never seen a ram take on a punching bag, here’s your chance. It’s funny to see him charge the bag over and over, but I kind of feel bad that the bag keeps hitting him on the rebound. (That probably just makes him more determined to attack it, though). After a few good […]


The vehicle pull is a popular event at the yearly World’s Strongest Man competition. Contestants pull everything from buses to boxcars to trams and even airplanes! And although Mark Henry has never competed in this event, many feel he is the world’s strongest man due to the various weightlifting records he holds. This clip of […]


Now here’s an inexpensive way to land a huge fish; just attach a fishing line to a tow rope, bait a Lindgren Pittmen hook, and you’re good to go! That’s at least what this fisherman did to land an enormous grouper fish from his local boat dock. The enormous fish almost got the best of […]


The Mantis Personal Tracked Vehicle is a step up in the world of personally tracked vehicles. Where tracked vehicles have taken the lead in moving over varied terrain, the Mantis Personal Tracked Vehicle features something new. It might look like some relative of the Mars Rover, but it is fully terrestrial for Earth. What makes […]


A 500 LED Superbright Man Flashlight was created to provide a lot of light when you need it most. It is huge. It requires that it be carried in two arms and with both hands. Not a practical belt accessory. The promotion shows a comparison between the Superbright Man Flashlight and two Maglites. The results […]


This monster of a machine is of a custom built street bike for the true enthusiasts. It seems unfinished but shows off the workmanship nicely. The frame is custom built and houses a 700 cc 2 stroke, 3 cylinder Yamaha engine with an estimated 150 hp. What is interesting about this crazy looking 2 stroke […]


Shaolin monks can do some pretty amazing things that seem to defy physics. For instance, would you believe that a person could lift up and balance themselves with just two fingers (one on each hand). Well, this proves it is possible and is definitely one of the most impressive feats a human being can accomplish. […]


Over the years, we have been witness to some crazy stuff accomplished by tractors and other farm equipment. However, synchronized tractor dancing may be a first. This performance dates back to 2011 and takes place at the Elvaston Castle Steam Rally. Beyond the prowess of the tractors and drivers was the impressive size of the […]


What an impressive and freaky machine. Someone — or more than just someone — has managed an engineering feat that is impressive in one section of my mind and strikes horror into another part of my mind. Part of me is wondering what just went down. Another part of me wonders, how is this possible […]