Truck Driver Loads Massive Water Tank in Alaskan Wilderness


Water tanks can be a real hassle to load onto a truck—unless you have a heavy-duty winch on a flatbed tractor trailer, that is. This clearyl proves that a power winch can be used to pull down an industrial-sized water tank right onto a truck bed. Of course, it also helps that this tank is designed to be moved around, as you’ll see that it has a steel apparatus on one side that’s made to fit on a tractor trailer truck bed. Still, it definitely requires some skill to pull this feat off, as bad alignment or a wrong move could cause the tank to topple over.


A Water Tank in the Alaskan Wilderness?

What is this water tank doing in the Alaskan wilderness, you may be wondering? Well, the Alaska North Slope has vast petroleum resources, and there is a lot of crude produion going on in this area. While it may sound strange, water plays a critical role in oil and gas drilling, especially in the fracking process. In fact, drilling and fracking a vertical well requires 387,000 gallons of water on average according to a recent Colorado State University study. As such, drillers need to have access to a lot of water in a given place, so these large tanks need to be easier to transport than your average water tank.


Water tanks like the one featured here are made of steel and weigh thousands of pounds. Larger tanks have “H” supports to prevent bulging, and many come with a pump and motor system. In addition to providing the large amount of water required in the oil-drilling process, these tanks can also be used for other applications such as wastewater treatment.

The Importance of Having a Heavy-Duty Winch

The key to being able to load this tank onto the truck bed is of course the strength of the winch. You need a winch that is capable of handling several thousand pounds of weight to make it work. The winch on this truck can probably handle up to 20,000 pounds. The winch’s capabilities would be similar to the Warn Series 20XL LP, which has these key specs:

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