Monster Shark Gets the Best of Two Experienced Fisherman Off the Gulf Coast of Florida


There’s nothing quite like reeling in a big fish. But even when the fish gets away, it’s still a rush. I’ll save the suspense and let you see for yourself how this catch ends, but there’s no doubt that this was a huge shark that took the bait. All in all, this struggle between man and shark lasted about an hour as a giant from the deep dragged most of the line off the rod: an epic battle that exhausted both man and fish.


Shark Fishing

You might think that big sharks can only be caught from a boat, but your soon to change your mind, the fisherman below hooked this shark directly from the beach. If you were looking to land a big shark like this, the more popular way would be to rent a charter boat and head out to open waters. Boat fishing offers a great experience, but it’s also good to know that you can catch a huge fish from the beach without the cost of renting a boat if you prefer. From the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, there is plenty of beach to fish from, but the best shark fishing is found off the coast of Florida, which is where this shark was hooked, and on the Gulf of Mexico coast.


Fishing Gear and Tackle

Of course, to land a big shark, you need some heavy-duty fishing equipment. You can choose either a spinning rod or a bait cast rod. A spinning rod is the more economical choice, but you will need to spend at least $50 to get a good reel that can hold 300 or 400 yards of 40-pound test line. For the rod, it should be a heavy action one that’s 10 feet long or longer, which will range from about $50-$100. A bait cast rod and reel is what you would use for charter-boat fishing, and the price for these can range anywhere from $100 to $2,000. Along with a rod and reel, here is what else is needed to land a large shark:

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