Lucky Group of Guys Get a Monster Trout Surprise While Ice Fishing on Lake Michigan


Ice fishing is a lot of fun if you have a good setup from which to fish. These guys are in a fish shack that helps to defeat much of the wind. The wind drives the surface temperature down, but inside of a confined space, such as this the body temperature of the people combined with sealed space keep the air temperature around 32 degrees. That is the same principal of an ice cave for wilderness survival.


World Record Holder

Eric Haataja, is the current world record holder in the “All-Tackle-Length” division and was certified by the International Game Fish Association for a brown trout. He caught his trophy trout back in December of 2011 while fishing on Lake Michigan over the Milwaukee harbor. The world record fish measured 38.189 inches. The good news for the trout is that the fish must be released in good condition after it is measured and photographed.


The fish below is not the world record fish that is noted above as it was uploaded in February of 2010. This, however, is an excellent catch. Haataja is a fishing guide out of West Allis and if you listen to the conversation you can pick up on the clue that this is a guide trip, and they are clearly looking for a record brown trout. This is discernable by the conversation where they are asking the man with the pole if he wants to keep it or release it. As the battle closes, they are discussing measuring it, photographing it, and releasing it. All of which are steps required if you submit an application to the International Game Fish Association for consideration in the record book.

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