The World’s Worst Tow Truck Driver


Could this be the world’s worst tow truck driver? He’s definitely at the top of the list based on this incident. After a guy somehow crashed his Dodge RAM into a pond, the tow truck is on the scene to pull it out. It takes the driver a good 30 minutes to get the truck out of the pond, but that’s when things go wrong. It looks like these guys unhooked the tow rope while the truck was still on a slope, which isn’t the smartest thing to do unless you have the wheels chocked. Apparently the tow truck driver either forgot about the effects of gravity or didn’t realize the truck was still on a slope. Either way, the end result is pretty hilarious.

The World's Worst Tow Truck Driver

Vehicle Recovery Services throughout History

As long as vehicles have been on the road, there have been vehicle recovery services. Typically, these recovery services are for vehicles that have broken down on the side of the road or that are stuck in mud or snow. On rare occasions, though, you will have incidents like this where a vehicle somehow finds it’s way into a body of water. When the first automobiles needed rescuing, it was usually done by hooking the car up to a horse or two. But not long after that, the first recovery vehicles were built. The majority of the first recovery trucks were army surplus vehicles left over from the World Wars. These trucks were typically converted to rescue vehicles simply by adding a rigged jib and block and tackle. Interestingly, it wouldn’t be until the mid-70s that trucks and equipment were made specifically for vehicle recovery.


Methods of Vehicle Recovery

There are a few different methods used to recover vehicles. There’s the soft tow, which is used for short distances and requires the vehicle being towed to have a working brake system. This method can be dangerous if the drivers don’t know what they’re doing. The rigid method is also used for short towing, and this is where a solid metal bar is attached to the vehicle being rescued. Though not used very often anymore, lift towing is another method that usually consists of attaching chains to the casualty’s suspension and lifting the frame with a pully.

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