Incredible Display of Human Strength: Shaolin Monk Can Balance on Just Two Fingers


Shaolin monks can do some pretty amazing things that seem to defy physics. For instance, would you believe that a person could lift up and balance themselves with just two fingers (one on each hand). Well, this proves it is possible and is definitely one of the most impressive feats a human being can accomplish.


Origin of the Shaolin Monks

To find out how these monks can achieve such amazing mind-over-matter feats, it helps to look at their history. It all started in 464 A.D., when the first Shaolin abbot, Batuo, came over from India (to China) to spread his Buddhist teachings. 31 years later, the Shaolin Monastery was built. This area became the birthplace of Chan Buddhism, which is a type of Buddhism that is big on meditation. Not only that, but the area was also the birthplace of Kung Fu. So what you have with the Shaolin monks is a combination of deep religious meditation combined with martial arts, which I think is a pretty cool combination. But in fact, it’s interesting to note that virtually all forms of Chinese martial arts were influenced by the various religions of each area.


By 581 A.D., the Shaolin monks had their own unique form of Kung Fu and created what’s known as the 18 Methods of Luohan, which consists of basic movements and postures. The monks, of course, practiced (and still practice) these methods for several hours each day. The teachings have been built upon over the years but the basics have remained the same. Throughout the years, the monastery has been a part of several wars and has been torn down and rebuilt many times as a result, but it is still there today and the teachings of Chan Buddhism and Kung Fu are alive and well.

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