The 170hp Dragster Motorcycle Powered By 24 – 70cc Dolmar Chainsaw Engines


What an impressive and freaky machine. Someone — or more than just someone — has managed an engineering feat that is impressive in one section of my mind and strikes horror into another part of my mind. Part of me is wondering what just went down. Another part of me wonders, how is this possible or practical. Then there is that little part that says, let’s take it for a ride. In what is both fortunate and unfortunate for me is that this creative sickness rules my brain. This perfectly proves that I am not alone.


So what are we looking at here?

It’s beautifully odd. It is Engine-eeriely exact. It is somewhat deviant, and it is a little bad-a$$ at the same time. It is, of course, the chainsaw motorcycle. What I love is that there is a whole generation of people who grew up being told to think outside of the box. Boom — People, we have a crew of insani-acts who do just that.


Domette Chainsaw Dragster Bike

Who comes up with a drag bike that is powered by 24- 70 cc chainsaw motors? One the low-end that is 6.3 horsepower per engine, times 24-engines, for a whopping 151 horsepower. On the high-end that is 7.1 horsepower, times 24 engines or 170.4 total horsepower. It would be nice to see this on a dynamo. My mind immediately wants to know if there is horsepower bleed-off due to the coordination of 24 power units.  On paper, it seems interesting. In real life, it is amusing. It becomes fascinating when your mind begins to wonder how all 24 engines work together to create motion. The answer is found in the pure genius of utilizing 12 separate drive belts.

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