Synchronized Tractor Dancing with Precise Driving Manuevers of JCB Heavy Equipment Machines


Over the years, we have been witness to some crazy stuff accomplished by tractors and other farm equipment. However, synchronized tractor dancing may be a first. This performance dates back to 2011 and takes place at the Elvaston Castle Steam Rally. Beyond the prowess of the tractors and drivers was the impressive size of the crowd.


The Digger Dance Team

What we are witnessing is a collaboration of five drivers that dates back to 2004. The team takes the diggers through a series of choreographed routines that are designed to show off the extreme flexibility of the JC Balls Diggers. The Routine is set to music because the best things in the world usually are.

The first part of the act is the near pass. Here the drivers two of the drivers line up on the other side of the field and the two groups head toward each other with the goal of passing as close as possible to each other without touching. That might seem like an easy task, but when the buckets elevated much of the driver’s field of vision is reduced, and it becomes a process of talent and luck.


The Solid Wheel Maneuver

With that success, the continue on and meet in the middle of the field to perform a single unit wheel. The goal is to make a complete revolution without breaking their line. Again, this may seem simple, but each tractor must move at a different rate of speed in order to keep up with the others. The outer tractor must move the fastest because it has more distance to cover. The inner tractor must move at the slowest speed because it must move the least amount of distance. The three in the middle have to find the exact speed, or the line will be lost. They must do all of this without touching.

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