Mark Henry Displays His Incredible Truck Pulling Power By Dragging 2 Tractor Trailers for Guiness


The vehicle pull is a popular event at the yearly World’s Strongest Man competition. Contestants pull everything from buses to boxcars to trams and even airplanes! And although Mark Henry has never competed in this event, many feel he is the world’s strongest man due to the various weightlifting records he holds. This clip of him pulling two tractor trailers over a distance of 20 feet may just solidify the sentiment many hold that nobody can match his overall strength.


Tractor Trailer Weight

According to the man speaking on the microphone, these tractor trailers have a combined weight of over 100,000 pounds (55 tons). Whether manufactured by Kenworth, Peterbuilt, or another semi-truck manufacturer, most semi-trailers weigh about 32,000 pounds when empty and can carry 34,000 pounds fully loaded with tandem trailers. So at 55,000 pounds a piece, each trailer here would have to have about 20,000 pounds of cargo in it as well.


A World Record?

Mark Henry may have set the world record here as far as pulling two tractor trailers, but in 2008, Mark Kirsch set the world record for heaviest plane pull when he pulled a Boeing 767 over a distance of 100 feet. The pull was a little different than Henry’s in that he had a pulling rope in addition to a harness, but the plane weighed 205,000 pounds, which was 95,000 pounds more than the two tractor trailers, and Kirsch also pulled it 80 feet further.

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