Two Guys Build a Mean Looking Streetbike with a Custom 2 Stroke Yamaha Motorcycle Engine


This monster of a machine is of a custom built street bike for the true enthusiasts. It seems unfinished but shows off the workmanship nicely. The frame is custom built and houses a 700 cc 2 stroke, 3 cylinder Yamaha engine with an estimated 150 hp. What is interesting about this crazy looking 2 stroke super bike is its design. The design leaves you wondering how and why. The biggest question that came to mind was how would this bike be ridden. The lowered handlebars and the position of the gauges seem to imply that a rider would almost lay on top of the bike rather than sit on it like you would a Harley. For the life of me, those oddly folded pipes on the top of the bike are perplexing. Are they part of the frame and will eventually become a resting structure for the rider? Surely they cannot be exhaust related as that would be a very poor place for exhaust structures to be located.


The Raw Stage

First, props to the builder. It is amazing to me to see the creation of something that is powerful that comes from bits and pieces. The understanding needed to take a project from start to finish is one thing. To be able to build a machine, that becomes an extension of the rider is another. Much of the characteristics of this bike become clearer when you see the finished product. The bike becomes more interesting with the skins attached to it than with just the frame showing.  The odd tubular components at the top become a smoothed out, sculpted support for the rider. The gauges become protected by a short windscreen. An interesting design trick allows the frame to remain visible, which adds to the character of the bike. It gives the super bike a mutant hybrid look that hints at danger, but promises speed.


The 700 cc 3 Cylinder, 2 Stroke Engine

Sadly there is not much information about the engine. With a little digging around the internet, I discovered that the 3 cylinder 2 stroke engines by Yamaha were popular in Yamaha’s snowmobile line of toys. The SRX 700 and SRX 600 offered top performance for snow machines back in 1998. Could this be a repurposed engine from a snowmobile? It could very well be. A look at what we know:

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