Creative Sea Plane Pilot Displays Incredible Take Off Technique From a Moving Truck Trailer


Though not as widely used as they once were, seaplanes still serve a few key purposes today including providing access to roadless areas. But the downside of a seaplane is that it can’t land or take off on solid ground. Or can it? This crafty pilot proves that only one of those disadvantages holds true (landing). As you will soon find out, with a truck moving fast enough, a seaplane can actually take off from an attached trailer.


How the Sea Plane Pilot Made This Take Off Possible

It’s fairly simple to see how this seaplane is able to take off. The trailer basically gives it it’s own set of wheels to generate enough speed from the truck towing it to get lift. The sloped blocks at the front also help so that the plane doesn’t slam into the back of the truck when it’s attempting to take off, which would obviously lead to a disastrous result.


A Little History on the First Powered Seaplane

The first seaplane was built in 1898 by Wilhelm Cress of Austria. However, it was unable to get of the ground with its two 30-horsepower engines. It wouldn’t be until 12 years later that the first powered seaplane had a successful flight. This plane was built by Frenchman Henri Fabre. Later named Hydravion, Fabre flew the plane for roughly a third of a mile in it’s initial flight. Here are a few of it’s key specs:

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