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The World's Worst Tow Truck Driver

Could this be the world’s worst tow truck driver? He’s definitely at the top of the list based on this incident. After a guy somehow crashed his Dodge RAM into a pond, the tow truck is on the scene to pull it out. It takes the driver a good 30 minutes to get the truck […]

Crushing a Car with Water? See How It's Done

Are you looking for a quick way to wash your car? If you have a massive machine with a large bucket like this huge Liebherr mining excavator, you can do it in a matter of seconds. Of course, you would need a large pool of water that’s big enough for the bucket to scoop some […]

Talented Operator Blows Minds with His Unbelievable Forklift Skills

Many people in the world have rare talents that you would never know about if it weren’t for the Internet. Take the forklift truck driver below, for instance. He’s able to use his forks with such precision that he can manipulate a small coin to get it exactly where he wants it to go. And […]

Genius Workers Find a Way to Unload an Excavator Without Ramps

Who needs ramps to unload a piece of heavy machinery? Not these guys, as you’ll soon find out. This crew has found an ingenious way to get a John Deere 333D off of a semi-truck trailer. Instead of using ramps, all they need is a chain and a few big pieces of wood. I’m sure […]

Construction Workers Use Synchronized Hammering Technique on Job Site

From Grumpy Cat to Rick Rolling pranks, the strangest things have the ability to quickly go viral when shared online. But while it is easy to see the appeal of an adorably annoyed kitty or a silly practical joke, few could have expected that a post of four men hammering a post into the ground […]

Workers Ruin Beer Delivery with Unusual Loading Method

Beer is the most precious of cargo, so it’s a real shame to see a lot of it go to waste. These guys are trying to unload a whole pallet of it from a truck; but when they try to pull the pallet jack out, the cases of beer on top begin to tip. Clearly, […]


Shaolin monks can do some pretty amazing things that seem to defy physics. For instance, would you believe that a person could lift up and balance themselves with just two fingers (one on each hand). Well, this proves it is possible and is definitely one of the most impressive feats a human being can accomplish. […]