If you know anything about physics, you’ll quickly realize the potential of the cherry picker (or boom lift) to become a catapult. The back tires are raised up a good 2 or 3 feet, so you could see how an abrupt drop from the bridge to solid land could be a problem for the guy […]


The use of drones by the government, businesses, and individuals has skyrocketed in recent years as the technology has advanced and the availability has increased. There are a seemingly endless number of ways to use a drone, whether for practical purposes or just for fun. For instance, did you know that you can actually fish […]


The Mantis Personal Tracked Vehicle is a step up in the world of personally tracked vehicles. Where tracked vehicles have taken the lead in moving over varied terrain, the Mantis Personal Tracked Vehicle features something new. It might look like some relative of the Mars Rover, but it is fully terrestrial for Earth. What makes […]


A 500 LED Superbright Man Flashlight was created to provide a lot of light when you need it most. It is huge. It requires that it be carried in two arms and with both hands. Not a practical belt accessory. The promotion shows a comparison between the Superbright Man Flashlight and two Maglites. The results […]


Over the years, we have been witness to some crazy stuff accomplished by tractors and other farm equipment. However, synchronized tractor dancing may be a first. This performance dates back to 2011 and takes place at the Elvaston Castle Steam Rally. Beyond the prowess of the tractors and drivers was the impressive size of the […]