Though not as widely used as they once were, seaplanes still serve a few key purposes today including providing access to roadless areas. But the downside of a seaplane is that it can’t land or take off on solid ground. Or can it? This crafty pilot proves that only one of those disadvantages holds true […]


Water tanks can be a real hassle to load onto a truck—unless you have a heavy-duty winch on a flatbed tractor trailer, that is. This clearyl proves that a power winch can be used to pull down an industrial-sized water tank right onto a truck bed. Of course, it also helps that this tank is […]

Logging Boat Captain Unloads Timber Ship the Canadian Way

Unloading a ship full of timber typically takes a long time because you can only hoist so much lumber off with each load. But those clever Canadians have found a way to bypass this time-consuming process. Instead of using a crane to slowly take stacks of lumber off the ship, they simply tip the ship […]


Ice fishing is a lot of fun if you have a good setup from which to fish. These guys are in a fish shack that helps to defeat much of the wind. The wind drives the surface temperature down, but inside of a confined space, such as this the body temperature of the people combined […]


There’s nothing quite like reeling in a big fish. But even when the fish gets away, it’s still a rush. I’ll save the suspense and let you see for yourself how this catch ends, but there’s no doubt that this was a huge shark that took the bait. All in all, this struggle between man […]


If you know anything about physics, you’ll quickly realize the potential of the cherry picker (or boom lift) to become a catapult. The back tires are raised up a good 2 or 3 feet, so you could see how an abrupt drop from the bridge to solid land could be a problem for the guy […]

Angler Terrified after Discovering What’s Really at the End of Fishing Line

Usually it’s a good thing when you feel something big pulling at the end of your fishing line. Not in this case. This guy was expecting to pull in a huge fish from a catfish noodle rigging near his campsite at Lake Fausse Point State Park in St. Martinville, Louisiana, but instead found that one […]

The World's Worst Tow Truck Driver

Could this be the world’s worst tow truck driver? He’s definitely at the top of the list based on this incident. After a guy somehow crashed his Dodge RAM into a pond, the tow truck is on the scene to pull it out. It takes the driver a good 30 minutes to get the truck […]

Crushing a Car with Water? See How It's Done

Are you looking for a quick way to wash your car? If you have a massive machine with a large bucket like this huge Liebherr mining excavator, you can do it in a matter of seconds. Of course, you would need a large pool of water that’s big enough for the bucket to scoop some […]

Amazing 1/4 RC Scale Model of the Grave Digger Monster Truck

There are some pretty awesome RC scale models out there, but this one is certainly at the top of the list—especially if you are a fan of Grave Digger. This guy has built a 1/4 scale model of the legendary monster truck that not only looks like the original but also sounds like it. The […]